Monday, 26 March 2012

Reaction On PNS Mehran Attack




Prime Minister Gillani, who monitored the operation, condemned the raid, and vowed Pakistan would continue to fight against the terror. Gillani also asserted that, there was a need to enhance security measures in the fight against what he termed terrorism. Media reports indicated that Gillani had ordered Pakistan's Armed Forces to upgrade their security measures and take precautionary steps to avoid such incidents in future.
Altaf Hussain, President of the MQM, criticised the Pakistani Navy for failing to protect its assets. He condemned the attack saying that the penetration of a sensitive military site is a matter of concern for the whole country. He said the attack was an "open defeat" for Pakistan's Armed Forces.

Chief Minister of Punjab Province Shahbaz Sharif also condemned the attack, though he criticised the navy for not acting more quickly to protect its billion dollar assets. He told the media at Iqbal International Airport that Pakistan has become a laughing stock in the world for not protecting and fighting the war on terror with any determination.

Nawaz Sharif said the incident was not an ordinary act of terrorism and added that the roots of Pakistan were being shattered through terrorism. He also called for a probe into the attack in what he said was the responsibility of anti-Pakistan forces, something his Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) would not remain silent about as the "Karachi incident should open our eyes." He further added that such incidents were damaging the image of Pakistan to the world. He vowed to eliminate "terrorism" from the country.

Nisar Ali Khan, leader of the opposition in the parliament, also called the breach of PNS Mehran, a massive security negligence and called for summoning an open meeting of the joint parliamentary standing committee whereby the people responsible for the lapse be identified. Khan also criticised the Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir. During a session of parliament, Nisar said that according to Bashir the incident was not result of a security lapse asking: "Can [Admiral Bashir] describe what constitutes a security lapse?"


GEO Television Director of News Intelligence Unit (NIU) Kamran Khan also criticised the navy for not conducting proper investigations on previous attacks. Khan said that the Naval Intelligence unit had failed to investigate the assailants behind the previous attacks therefore no security measures had been undertaken to protect its multi-billion dollar assets.


 People's Republic of China – China supported Pakistan's role in the War on Terror. It also praised the SSG(N) for protecting and evacuating of its officers from the course of the attack; while it also rejected claims that militants had held Chinese officials as hostages, though none of its officials were injured or killed.

 India – The government of India has expressed concerned over wave of terror attacks in Pakistan. Defence Minister A. K. Antony termed PNS Mehran attack a matter of serious concern for India. According to Antony, the developments in Pakistan, especially in Karachi, were a matter of serious concern. Defence Minister also said: "We are closely monitoring and we are taking precautions also. But at the same time, we don t want to overreact."

United Kingdom –  "Prime Minister David Cameron" said that NATO allies must work with Pakistan more closely than ever, not turn away. Cameron also said, Their [Pakistan] enemy is our enemy.

 United States of America – "President Barack Obama" said that the Taliban are the enemies of Pakistan.U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the terror attack.Clinton said that no US citizen had been hurt in the incident in Karachi.Clinton also acknowledged that most terrorists had been killed on the Pakistani soil and that the U.S. had conducted operations against the terrorists with Pakistani cooperation.Clinton vowed that the U.S. and Britain would keep aiding Pakistan.US State Department’s official Mark Toner said that it had been clarified after the attack that Pakistan and US would have to work jointly.He said that the PNS Mehran attack was far more aggressive than the GHQ Rawalpindi attack.


  1. Who was really behind attack?
  2. Is India really involved in attack?
  3. From where the terrorist attack from west side or east side?
  4. Why the security was too low in that area?


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