Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Altaf warns bullies

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain categorically reiterated that his party did not want division of Sindh province, warning to

"so-called Sindhi nationalists who are trying to bully Urdu speaking Sindhis that it is 21st century"

In his video message aired on various TV channels, Altaf said hatred was being flared in Sindh under a pre-planned conspiracy.

"The so-called Sindhi nationalists and other leaders from the province have been using inflammatory and hate-filled language against Urdu speaking Sindhis, usually known as Muhajirs, and warning of dire consequences if anyone mentioned division of Sindh," he regretted.

He said the elements who think by using offensive and hostile language they would be able to scare, terrorize or subdue Urdu speaking people should wake up to the reality that it was now 21st century.

"If you would offer a hand we would shake it; throw a gesture of love we would accept it; act with kindness we would reciprocate it," he said but at the same added that 'if you would persecute us we would hit back; we are just like you, so we will imitate whatever way you act'.

The MQM Chief warned that if the population of Urdu speaking Sindhis one day got tired of hearing the words of peace and harmony then in that case even Altaf Hussain's appeals would begin to fall on deaf ears.

"I once again appeal my supporters to observe patience and remain in control of their emotions," he said.
He challenged the 'so-called Sindhi nationalists' coming up with all kinds of threats, saying 'we will see how much strength the aggressor wields'.
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