Thursday, 5 July 2012

Imran Khan: New contempt bill violates constitution

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has termed the Contempt of Court bill 2012 as being a violation of the constitution and democracy.

Speaking to media prior to his departure for Gujranwala, Khan said by enacting legislation against contempt of court, the power of the courts was being diminished and criminals were being protected.

Khan added that people were frustrated because of loadshedding and now the decision to reopen the NATO supply had embarrassed them. “The US did not listen to any of Pakistan’s demands nor was any importance given to parliament’s recommendations,” Khan said.

Imran Khan: Law makers lost right to sit in parliament

GUJRANWALA: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan Thursday said the legislators have lost their right to sit inside the Parliament after reopening Nato supply routes.

He was addressing a rally taken out here in protest against government's move to reopen Nato supply lines.

Imran Khan said the government gave no regard even to a single point of the resolution passed in the Parliament on new terms of engagement with the US and reopened the Nato supply route. "Shame on you," he chanted.

Khan said the loot and plunder of people's wealth coupled with electricity theft has set the country on a path to destruction.

He said the rulers' accounts are in foreign banks and his party will not allow them to leave the country. "We will get the people's money out of their pockets and bring them to justice," he vowed.

Imran Khan said the youth can become PTI leaders by contesting elections.

Pak offers joint probe in mumbai attack

NEW DELHI: Pakistan rejected Thursday renewed Indian charges that Pakistani "state actors" were involved in planning and coordinating the 2008 Mumbai attacks and offered a joint probe into the incidents.

"I would very strongly reject any insinuation of any involvement of any state agency in acts of terrorism in India," Pakistani Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani told reporters after talks with his Indian counterpart Ranjan Mathai.

He told the media persons that the two-day meeting discussed matters related to terrorism and peace.

'The issue of Abu Jindal was also raised by the Indian side and we have made it clear that State of Pakistan has no role in terror activities in India. We consider terrorism a common enemy.'

"If we keep accusing each other, that will be of no benefit, and we will not find any result," he added. Jilani insisted that nothing should be allowed to prevent the peace process going forward.

"There should be absolutely no setback, because a setback is something we cannot afford," he said.

Speaking after his talks with Jilani, Mathai stressed that bringing those guilty for the Mumbai carnage to justice "would be the biggest confidence-building measure of all".

"We shall pursue this matter to its logical conclusion," Mathai said of the Indian investigation into Sayed Zabiuddin Ansari's testimony.

Mathai said Pakistan was provided more evidences regarding Mumbai attacks.

The two top civil servants in their respective ministries held two days of talks in New Delhi to bolster a peace dialogue.

The text of the joint statement issued after the two-day talks between Foreign Secretaries here:

During the second-round of the resumed dialogue process, the Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan met in New Delhi on July 4-5, 2012 for bilateral talks on Peace and Security including CBMs, Jammu & Kashmir and Promotion of Friendly Exchanges.

2. The talks were held in a frank and constructive atmosphere. Both sides reiterated their desire to carry forward the dialogue process in a purposeful and result-oriented manner.

3. The issue of Peace and Security, including CBMs, was discussed in a comprehensive manner. Both sides emphasized the need to promote greater trust and mutual understanding through constructive dialogue.

4. The Foreign Secretaries reviewed the ongoing implementation of the already adopted Nuclear and Conventional CBMs. It was decided that separate meetings of the Expert Level Groups on Nuclear and Conventional CBMs will be held to discuss implementation and strengthening of the existing CBMs and suggest additional mutually acceptable steps that could build greater trust and confidence between the two countries, thereby contributing to peace and security. The dates for the meetings of Expert Level Groups will be determined through diplomatic channels.

5. The Foreign Secretaries noted that both countries recognize that terrorism poses a continuing threat to peace and security. They reaffirmed the strong commitment of the two countries to fight and eliminate terrorism in an effective and comprehensive manner so as to eliminate the scourge in all its forms and manifestations.

6. The Foreign Secretaries had a comprehensive exchange of views on the issue of Jammu & Kashmir and agreed to continue discussions in a purposeful and forward looking manner with the view to finding a peaceful solution by narrowing divergences and building convergences.

7. Both sides recognized the need to strengthen the existing Cross-LoC CBMs for streamlining the arrangements to facilitate travel and trade across LOC. They decided to convene a meeting of the Working Group on Cross-LoC CBMs on July 19, 2012 in Islamabad to recommend steps for strengthening, streamlining and effectively implementing the existing trade and travel arrangements and propose modalities for introducing additional cross LoC CBMs.

8. Both sides underlined the importance of greater people to people contacts and friendly exchanges in building a relationship of trust and friendship between the two countries. They noted that the text of a revised bilateral Visa Agreement has already been finalized and decided to work for its early signing. They emphasized the importance of greater parliamentary exchanges; promotion of cooperation in various fields including facilitating visits to Religious Shrines; and cessation of hostile propaganda against each other.

9. The Foreign Secretaries also emphasized the need to promote media and sports contacts.

10. During his visit the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan will be calling on Minister of External Affairs of India, H.E. Mr. S.M. Krishna and National Security Adviser H.E. Mr. Shivshankar Menon.

11. The Foreign Secretaries will meet again in Islamabad, on a date to be decided through diplomatic channels, to prepare for the meeting of the External Affairs/Foreign Ministers in September 2012.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Pakistani Media: Planned Interveiw

Pakistani media also black listed after this video. This is a planned interview famous anchor mubashir luqman exposed and fired from duniya news.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Latests News: Air Jet Crashed In Balochistan

KARACHI: A Pakistani fighter jet crashed in the south of the country Tuesday while on routine training but the pilot ejected safely and there were no casualties on the ground, an air force official said.

The French-built Mirage jet took off from the Pakistan Air Force’s Masroor Base in Karachi and crashed near the town of Uthal in southwestern Balochistan province, air force spokesman Squadron Leader Mohammad Nadeem told AFP.

Uthal is around 60 kilometres west of Karachi.

“The pilot ejected successfully and safely,” the spokesman said, adding the cause of the accident would be determined after an investigation.

No loss of civilian life or property was reported on ground, he said.

It was the second Mirage aircraft crash in the region in a month. A Mirage-V crashed on May 11 while its pilot ejected safely as well.

The Pakistan Air Force has a fleet of Chinese aircraft including F-7PGs and A-5s, plus US-built F-16s and French Mirages. It recently acquired JF-17s Thunder jets, manufactured jointly by China and Pakistan.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

India-US Defense Talks

India-US Defense Talks To Focus On China

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta holds talks Wednesday with his Indian counterpart which are likely to be dominated by NATO's planned exit from Afghanistan and China's growing power.

Panetta's two-day visit to New Delhi is part of a tour of the region that has stressed Washington's strategic shift to Asia, with US officials portraying India as an anchor for the new approach.

In talks Tuesday with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Panetta "underscored the link India plays between East and West Asia and how the United States views India as a net provider of security from the Indian Ocean to Afghanistan and beyond", his press secretary George Little said.

Panetta will meet Defence Minister A.K. Antony on Wednesday before giving a policy speech at the Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses.

In his talks with Antony, Panetta was expected to discuss NATO's planned withdrawal of combat forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2014 as well an expanding arms trade and joint military training between the two countries.

Indian officials are worried the departure of most of the US-led force could leave a dangerous vacuum in Afghanistan, and question if the Kabul government and its fledgling army will be able to fend off Taliban insurgents.

US officials said Panetta was encouraging India to play a more active role in Afghanistan, despite Pakistan's deep suspicion of its arch-foe's motives in the country.

Earlier on his nine-day tour through Asia, Panetta unveiled plans to shift the majority of the US naval fleet to the Pacific by 2020, a symbolic step meant to signal US determination to preserve its influence in the face of a rising China.

Beijing said Monday the US naval plan was "untimely" and called on Washington to respect its interests in the region.

The tilt towards Asia is designed mainly as a way to check China's role, particularly in the contested South China Sea, reinforcing US diplomacy in support of smaller nations locked in territorial disputes with Beijing.

The US administration views India as a counterweight to China, though in public statements senior officials insist the new strategy is not meant as a challenge to Beijing.

Panetta's visit follows India's successful test launch in April of a new missile capable of delivering a one-tonne nuclear warhead anywhere in China, marking a major advance in its military capabilities.

India views the rocket, which has a range of 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles), as a boost to its regional power aspirations and one that narrows - albeit slightly - the huge gap with China's missile systems.

India is investing in military hardware to modernize its armed forces, and the United States has become one of its major arms suppliers, with $8.5 billion in sales over the past 11 years, according to the Pentagon.

Panetta's trip coincides with two weapons deals that are close to being wrapped up.

India has agreed to buy 145 howitzer guns from the US unit of British arms group BAE Systems in a deal worth $560 million. And India is close to clinching a $1.4 billion agreement to purchase 22 Apache attack helicopters manufactured by Boeing, US officials said.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Passengers In Bhoja Air Flight B4-123

List of passengers and cabin crew of Bhoja Air flight B4-123 that crashed at Koral Chowk on Islamabad Express Highway in Rawalpindi.

Passengers in Bhoja Air flight B4-123:

  1.     Abbas Ali
  2.     Abida Javed Malik
  3.     Adeel Chughtai
  4.     Aiman Ikram
  5.     Altamash Khan
  6.     Anisa Akbar
  7.     Anum Hussain
  8.     Asif Aftab
  9.     Asmaa Ahmad
  10.     Ataur Rehman
  11.     Azizur Rehman
  12.     Baqir Mehdi
  13.     Bibi Hameeda
  14.     Chand Baboo
  15.     Chd Faiq
  16.     Dilshad Kamaal
  17.     Dr Abdul Qadir
  18.     Dr Asadullah
  19.     Fahira Laiq
  20.     Farah Sajid
  21.     Fatima
  22.     Fehmeeda Zubair
  23.     Ghulam Farooq Qasmi
  24.     Ghulam Rehman
  25.     Gul
  26.     Gul Faraz
  27.     Gul Sharif Jana
  28.     Gul Zaman
  29.     Habibur Rehman
  30.     Hafeezur Rehman
  31.     Hafsa Chughtai
  32.     Hafsa Shahid
  33.     Haleema Sadia
  34.     Hamida Khadima Baloch
  35.     Haris Haris
  36.     Husun Nisa
  37.     Imran Waheed
  38.     Irfan Ali
  39.     Javed Akhtar Malik
  40.     Javed Iqbal
  41.     Kalo Abbasi
  42.     Khwaja Raziuddin
  43.     Liauqat Ali
  44.     Masooda Begum
  45.     Mishir Jan
  46.     Mohammad Atiq Khan
  47.     Mrs Mohammad Latif
  48.     Mohammad Latif
  49.     Moiz Sadiq
  50.     Mrs Khalida
  51.     Ms Yumna
  52.     Muhammad Abdul Hafeez
  53.     Muhamad Anwar Khan
  54.     Muhammad Ashfaq Khan
  55.     Muhammad Farooq
  56.     Muhammad Irfan
  57.     Muhammad Irfan
  58.     Muhammad Qasim
  59.     Muhammad Shahnawaz
  60.     Muhammad Sohail
  61.     Muhammad Younus
  62.     Muhammada Abdullah
  63.     Mujtaba Siyal
  64.     Mukhan Jan
  65.     Munawar Sultana
  66.     Musarrat Shaheen
  67.     Nadir Khan Fazaldad
  68.     Nasreen
  69.     Nazmeen
  70.     Nighat Mehdi
  71.     Nihaluddin Alvi
  72.     Nisar Ahmed
  73.     Nuzhat
  74.     Qamar Aftab
  75.     Qari Muhammad Abdul Rahman
  76.     Rakh Shanda
  77.     Rakhshanda
  78.     Rashida Rehman
  79.     Raza Ali Khan Feroz
  80.     Ree Han
  81.     SM Saud Ishaq
  82.     Saba Amber
  83.     Sadaf Baloch 84.Sadaf Tanveer
  84.     Saeed Khan
  85.     Saeeda Akhtar
  86.     Sania Abbas
  87.     Sarah Chughtai
  88.     Sardar Shah
  89.     Sarwat Mumtaz
  90.     Shabbir Ahmad Awan
  91.     Shahid Iqbal
  92.     Shamima Abdullah
  93.     Shazia Baloch
  94.     Sobia Ubaid
  95.     Suleiman Chughtai
  96.     Sumaiyah Chughtai
  97.     Syed Muhammad Amjad
  98.     Syed Muhammad Rizwan
  99.     Syed Omar Ali
  100.     Syed Sajjad Ali Rizvi
  101.     Syeda Amjad Shaheen
  102.     Syeda Rizwan Sufia
  103.     Tabbasum Sarwat
  104.     Tabia Rehman
  105.     Talat Mahmood Qureshi
  106.     Tanveer Jan
  107.     Tariq Mehmood
  108.     Tasadouq Mahmood
  109.     Tasneem Begum
  110.     Tuba Shewar
  111.     Usman Rahim
  112.     Usman Rasheed
  113.     Uzma Inam
  114.     Wajat Abbasi
  115.     Waji Ha
  116.     Yasmin Muhammad Sultan
  117.     Zaheer Shah
  118.     Zahida Aziz
  119.     Zaibun Nisa
  120.     Zuhra Begum

Crew members of Bhoja Air flight B4-123:

  1.     Captain Noor Afridi
  2.     First Officer Javed Malik
  3.     Head of Cabin Crew Ammad
  4.     Flight Purser Ghazala Malik
  5.     Air Hostess Princess Flavia
  6.     Air Hostess Sanam Fareed
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