Monday, 26 March 2012

PNS Mehran Attack

 PNS (Pakistan Naval Station) Mehran

                            PLACE:                                PNS MEHRAN
                            LOCATION:                        KARACHI PAKISTAN
                            BUILT ON :                         13-SEPTEMBER-1970
                            OCCUPANTS:                     PAKISTAN NAVAL ARM
                            First Commanding Officer:  Captain S F Rab PN (P No 456)
                            AREA:                                  GULSHAN E MEHRAN

PN Air Arm is one of the three main arms of PN fleet. The existing inventory of PN Air Arm is as follows:
A.         P3C        
B.         Atlantic    
C.         Fokker  
D.         Seaking   
E.         Alouette


The PNS Mehran attack was a Tehreek-e-Taliban claimed that its force of 8-20 armed men had attacked the base on 22 May 2011, at PNS Mehran, the headquarter of the Pakistan Navy's Naval Air Arm and the most populous Pakistani military installation, located near the PAF's Faisal Air Force Base of Karachi, Sindh. In the course of the event, 15 attackers killed 18 military personnel and wounded 16 in a sophisticated terrorist attack.
The attack was the third attack on Pakistani naval forces since American forces killed Osama-bin-Ladin. According to the United States and Western intelligence sources, the attack was far more dangerous than the 2009 Pakistan Army General Headquarters attack, and was better planned and more rehearsed than the previous attacks.This contradicts the claim by Pakistan's Interior Minster, Rehman Malik who had claimed that the attackers had cut through barbed wire at a place on the perimeter where they could not be detected by security cameras, and that they were wearing black. It was the biggest attack on the Navy and its assets since 1971, and is believed to be the last major attack of militant mastermind Ilyas Kashmiri. The Special Service Group Navy (SSG(N)), carried out the counter-attack, which was the largest operation led by SSG since Operation Jackpot of 1971.

 Motive for the attack

 The Pakistan Navy noted Al-Qaeda members within its ranks. Raids were carried out and certain of the members were arrested by the Naval Intelligence. The talks that ensued between the Navy and the Al-Qaeda did not succeed, since the Navy did not release the arrested members. Warnings were issued and after the death of Osama bin Laden, the Al-Qaeda attacked the Naval base.



At least 15 security officials have been killed in the operation that continues on Monday morning.
More than 10 terrorists late Sunday attacked the PNS Mehran base on Shahrah-e-Faisal Road, Karachi. At least 15 people, including Navy and Rangers personnel died in the attack.
Towering flames arose from inside the PNS Mehran compound throughout the night.


LT.Syed Yasir Abbas from Pakistani navy took initiative durrin the attack on PNS Mehran and lead his team from front.he went inside the Mehran base by himself adter hearing gun-shot LT Yasir was leading rapid response squad with jawa ...ns,took bullets in shest while fighting militants and embraced Shahdat (may ALLAH blessed him)

"Bar-e-duniya may raho gum zada ya shaad raho
Aisa kuch kar kay chalo ya kay bohot yaad raho"

We are the nation of Pakistan can't forget them. Who live and die for the sake of their nation.They fight each day for us leave theirs families even don't care about there life's just for us. They didn't slept all the night for us because we can sleep. Heads off

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