Monday, 26 March 2012

Nawaz sharif said people had better life before

Sindh people had better life 4 yrs ago

Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan Muslim League-N President, Nawaz Sharif Monday slamming the government for its complete failure in resolving citizens' problems, said the people of Sindh lived a much better life 4 years ago.

"Am I being expected to congratulate the government for increasing price hike, poverty, unemployment and loadshedding?" Nawaz Sharif lamented while addressing a big public meeting here, adding people were being butchered in Karachi everyday while the government silently watched the show.

He expressed confidence that his party would pick up seats from Sindh in the next general elections, resolving to once again eradicate 'rule of robbers' in Sindh as it had done during its government in the past.

As people attending the rally chanted 'Go Zardari Go', Nawaz Sharif told them that there had been enough 'Go Go' as now it was time to say 'Come Come'.

The PML-N Chief reiterated that he had entered into an agreement with President Zardari only for the sake of people.

He regretted that the Sindh Government took not a single step for improving condition of any area of the province, saying he felt the same pain for Sindh as he experienced for Punjab or any other province of the country.

"I had come for extending help to the flood-stricken victims of Sindh while Shahbaz Sharif dispatched hundreds of truck loads of relief goods," Nawaz Sharif recalled.

He questioned the participants: "What has the party, that claimed to represent Sindh, done for the province?"
Pointing to the Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, the PML-N President said he could not extend facilitations on the manner in which the government had completed its four years.

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