Monday, 23 April 2012

Life Of a Siachen Soldiers

Incident Of Siachen and Salala


The Siachen incident has not only highlighted the need to revisit troop deployment that pose a greater threat to them than the enemy does – for both countries – but at the same time reveals to us the reality that despite such a grave threat they have never uttered a single word of complaint. In fact most of them have opted for Siachen voluntarily. The probability of survivors is becoming remote as time passes by without any tangible rescue work done in the catastrophe hit area.

The severity of weather conditions has made rescue work almost impossible and those too who are involved in rescue operations face similar danger. If an avalanche, where hundreds of soldiers of the Pakistan army had to lose their precious lives, is what it takes for the administration and public to realize what the soldiers undergo during their duties, then the hardships endured by all those trapped under layers of hard frozen ice will surely pay off.

It goes a long way to show under what conditions a soldier of the Pakistan army is operates either defending borders or fighting the various enemies, harsh weather and natural calamities included.

Ironic are not the conditions under which they work, but the fact that they face relentless criticism from fellow countrymen that is enough reason to dampen ones morale.

Life Of a Siachen Soldiers 


The follies of a few at the highest order cannot be generalized upon all ranks and can certainly not wipe away the sacrifices they have made for the motherland and the people of this nation. The relentless support of the nation is what they need to remain motivated and encouraged so that they may keep defending the country.

We can never repay their efforts but at least we can try to stand by them by honouring their commitment and hard work instead of waiting for another Siachen or Salala to realise that we are indeed fortunate to have amongst us men of great stature who attain divinity by their actions.

They are the people who have ensured the existence of the country by offering the motherland their own.

" Kharay hain sarhad e Emaan pe K-2 ki tarha
Dast e Kuffar se siachin ko bchany k liye "

Tribute to Shaheed's who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow 

Documentary on Siachen

 Pakistan Army Zindabad


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