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Raymond Davis



Sir Name:                         Davis
Name:                              Raymond Allen
Sex:                                  Male
Marital Status:                   Married
Age:                                  38
B.O.B:                              02-OCT-1974
AcademicQulification:        Bachelors in Management
Wife Name:                       Rebbecca
Residence:                         Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Nationality:                        United States
Citizenship:                        United States
Occupation:                       Security Contractor
Employer:                          CIA
Home Town:                      Wise Virgina

Passport Information

Place Of Issue:                   Isalamabad
Type:                                 Multiple/Diplomatic
Passport Number:              910105240
Duration Of Stay:               724days
Valid From:                       14-JUN-20
Date and place of issue:      Augest-31-2009
Date of expiry:                   Augest-30-2013


On january 27 ,2011 Raymond killed two persons Faizan Haidar who was 22 years old and 2nd was Faheem Shamshad 26 years old. Davis stated that after withdrawing cash from a bank cash machine,he was driving alone in white Honda Civic and had stopped at a traffic light near Qurtaba chowk in the Monzang Chugi area of Lahore when two men pulled alongside him on a motorbike .After one of the young men allegedly brandished a pistol, Davis opened fire and killed them according to him he acted in self-defence but not a single witness were over there top rove his statement.According to the investigative officer after shooting Davis is alleged to have excited his car to take pictures and videos of casualties with his cell phone.Davis shot them with his windshield and shot five rounds.The police report notes that both witnesses and Davis reported that Davis fired from behind Haidar as Haidar was running
Davis then radioed for backup. Minutes later, four men in a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with fake registration plates made an unsuccessful attempt to reach the scene. Stopped in a traffic jam, the driver of the Prado jumped the median on Jail Road, traveled against the oncoming traffic. The Prado collided with a motorcyclist unconnected to the initial incident, later identified as Ebadur Rehman (also transliterated Ibad-ur-Rehman). Faizan Haider died at the scene, while both Faheem Shamshad and Ibad-ur-Rehman were taken to Services Hospital, Lahore and subsequently also died.Security camera footage of the damaged vehicle after its fatal collision with Rehman were later shown on Pakistani Geo TV. Pakistani official requested the U.S. to produce the men, who had come from the same suburban house where Davis lived and had the same diplomatic visas, for questioning, but the U.S. refused and the men left Pakistan.


1.What was Davis status at Pakistan?
2.If he was doing just self-defense why he shoot five time?
3.Why they follow the Islamic law in his case?
4.Are families really forgive him and haven't got pressure at that time
5.Why AMERICA pressure rise Pakistan in this case?
6.What was passport type ?


Well after this incident a quotation is come true that a big fish eats small one. Today America called itself a symbol of justice if is it so why he pressure rise Pak-Govt in this case well its a open case in front with full of cleverness America change the issue of case and today a American Raymond Davis is free from all charges and families was forced to take money and leave case if he was just doing a self-defense why he give money to families why didn't he wait for justice .The question which rise up after incident were not answer by any one even Government of Pakistan .

Haider's Poor Wife Shumaila Commit A Sucide

(Haider And His Wife)

Well shumaila was a poor lady.A poor girl who was living with his beloved husband haider as a common persons thay may have many dreams for them future but unaware from the black face of their future a person killed his husband just for himself and free from all  charges a newspaper told that according to his family Shumaila was killed by them. They don't want dollars if America really wants to give them some thing so they should give them back there child or justice in Raymond case .Well we all forget them as our cheap Government want this
(A Picture OF Incident)

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